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Port Alberni has a total population of 17,678 and a census agglomeration area of 25,112. Port Alberni is a deep port city that lies within the Alberni Valley at the head of the Alberni Inlet, Vancouver Island's longest inlet. It is the location of the head offices of the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District.

Port Alberni was named for Captain Don Pedro de Alberni, a Spanish officer who commanded Fort San Miguel at Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island's west coast from 1790 to 1792.

The main source of employment in Port Alberni is the timber industry. In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the forestry workforce in Port Alberni was one of the highest-paid in the country.

Port Alberni also serves as a transport hub for those traveling to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Since goods tend to be much more expensive in this area, tourists and travelers often shop in Port Alberni before continuing on their journey. This led to the development of the Johnston Road corridor (Highway 4), including grocery stores and shopping centers.

Ecotourism companies have previously opened stores in the Alberni Valley, taking advantage of the city's wilderness location, yet close to Vancouver and Victoria. For example, kayaking, ATV tours, windsurfing, and a gliding company.

Local Businesses in Port Alberni, BC
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