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Nanaimo is one of the most beautiful cities on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island is an island located on the western coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia. The Pacific Ocean washes it in the west, the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the south and the Strait of Georgia in the east.

Nanaimo is the second-largest city on the island after the capital of British Columbia, Victoria. It is located 55 kilometers from Vancouver, from which it is separated by the Strait of Georgia and 110 kilometers northwest of Victoria.

In this city, history and modernity, culture and science have merged together. There is a twin city in Japan.

The indigenous inhabitants of the area now known as Nanaimo were the Snuneymuxw tribes, hence the name. Nanaimo has become famous for its coal export since 1853. However, the timber industry supplanted it in the early 1960s with a pulp mill construction in 1958.

Currently, the city lives on tourism, retail development, processing and export of softwood. And also, viticulture has been developing recently.

Homes in Nanaimo cost an average of $300,000. They are built from wood and plywood, as this is the most inexpensive material here. Nanaimo is dominated by low-rise buildings of three to four stories and private one-story houses.

On weekdays, the streets of Nanaimo are deserted and dull, but as soon as the weekend comes, the movement begins - the locals go out to their plots. Someone watering the lawn and plants, someone dismantling the garage, someone repairing the car, children running around in the yard, swinging on a swing, someone is making a barbecue, someone is lying in a deck chair and basking in the sun.

This city was created for family people. It is quiet, calm, safe.

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