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Duncan is a city in the south of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

The city is located about 45 km from Victoria in the south and Nanaimo in the north. Although Duncan's city has just under 5,000 inhabitants, it serves the Cowichan Valley, which is home to 84,000 people, many of whom live in the Northern Cowichan and Cowichan tribes. As a result, Duncan is perceived as a "larger" population within the city limits. People in the North Cowichan areas and on the Duncan border usually use "Duncan" as their mailing address.

Duncan was founded in 1912 and is known for one of the largest collections of totem poles. The city was officially named the "City of Totems" in 1985. The city's collection had 44 totem poles, but one was destroyed in a car accident, one was donated to Kaikohe, New Zealand, and one returned to Earth. In 2007, the city of Duncan recognized the totem poles as copyright. Commercial use of totem images requires permission from the City of Duncan. The Cowichan Historical Society (Museum) provides free totem tours during the summer months.

This city was created for family people. It is quiet, calm, safe.

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