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Interesting Facts about Vancouver Island

About Vancouver Island

There are many natural parks and reserves in Canada that delight locals and tourists: one of these places is Vancouver Island, located off the western coast of Canada and washed by the Pacific Ocean. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year for the sake of magnificent nature, relict forests, pristine beaches, rich fishing and other activities.

Several historical facts:

  • The first settlers of Vancouver were Indian tribes: they divided the island into several regions, occupying separate territories.
  • In 1778, Captain James Cook, who arrived from Great Britain, visited Vancouver.
  • The island got its current name in the 19th century.
  • In 1849, a British colony was built with the capital at Fort Victoria.

Island features and attractions:

  • The capital of the island Victoria is a real small Britain: many narrow streets, pubs, cafes, restaurants, picturesque gardens. A famous place in Victoria is the Botanical Garden with a million plants, divided into zones: Japanese gardens, Italian gardens and so on. Each area of ??the Botanical Garden has a well-thought-out layout.
Image source: https://visitorinvictoria.ca/5-great-gardens-around-victoria/
Image source: https://visitorinvictoria.ca/5-great-gardens-around-victoria/
  • Vancouver's natural features are striking in their diversity: dense forests, ski slopes, beaches, flower fields, crystal clear lakes. Tourists can go skiing or snowboarding and surf in one day - for the latter, the best place on Long Beach: 22 kilometers of sand and a comfortable climate. Here you can also fish, with which the locals are always happy to help: they will provide tools and utensils.
  • Strathcona Park is located in the central part of the island. Initially, it was a swampy area, unsuitable for life, but then the swamps were dried up and a beautiful park was created. The center of the park is a fountain, left as a gift by Lord Strathcon, which gave the entire park name.

Why should you visit Vancouver Island?

  • Migrating whales can be seen off the coast of Cape Scott
  • Sea lions often bask in the sun on Combers Beach
  • Most of the island is untouched by civilization